Need Your Two Wheels Repaired?

Need Your Two Wheels Repaired?

We handle bike repair in the Wildwood Crest, NJ area

Algie's Place can upgrade almost any part of your bike. When your spokes are worn and old, we can rebuild them for less than the cost of a brand-new wheel tune-up. We can also upgrade your bicycle seat, handle bars, pedals and tires. If you're unhappy with the strength or weight of your tires, we can build you a custom set in-shop, too.

Our bicycle services include:

  • Flat tire fixes
  • Spoke rebuilds
  • Custom wheel builds
  • Spoke rebuilds
  • Broken part replacement
  • Part upgrades
  • Brake cable fixes
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Upgrade your bike today

Algie's Place is your go-to shop for bike repairs, tune-ups and flat tire fixes in the Wildwood Crest, NJ area. We welcome you to walk into the shop at any time, but there could be a wait for repairs if it's a busy day. Call ahead to avoid more than a day of turnaround time for your repair.

Get the most out of your bike. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.